Full Process For approval in ICA For Entry Permit: 100% Real

If you are looking for ICA approval then don’t worry this time be real and stay with us for a while.

We will provide you 100% real documents that really help you with approval. We get approval with these documents. That’s why we are sharing these details with you.

For Dubai, you need to apply on GDRFA and if you are not from Dubai then apply only on ICA smart service.

Here is the link to the official website. UAE ICA



Putt all your valid information in this form


Put arrival information with the gap of 15 days

Recheck All Information


In Last Submit


Once you submitted all information correctly, You will receive an email from the ICA team after 3 to 5 minutes. If not then wait for 2 days.


It means you must have your blood relation in UAE already. In simple words, you have to provide a valid visa photo or ID photo of your Brother, sister, mother, or father.


Without kinship this, you will be rejected

Also, you have to provide your visa owner passport copy and his or her real photo while submitting for approval.

If you have any query you can contact me here in comment section.

Live chat also available 24 hours


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