How to add Adsense code in WordPress Website Step by Step

Hello my all dear friends, welcome to another blog.

With this blog, I’ll try to solve your little problem. Nowadays, earning money is a necessary part of our lives. Without money, we can’t buy anything or not even survive without money.

So, some young people like under 18 like me go for searching for part-time jobs or full time because they need money. Ohter teenagers engaged himself with internet world.

Today, I am talking about these guys. With the help of youtube or online courses they managed to get some knowledge of website development. They start their hard work.

If you are looking for earning money from a website then you have to approve your website from AdSense first. If you haven’t read our related blog then click here to read this first

We are now staring our steps:

1: Signed into your google Adsense account

The first step is very easier. In this step. you have to login or create a new one account for google Adsense.

Once you created your, you will move to next page.

2: Add website URL

This step is much important. The website in which you want to add AdSense code, add the URL in it. After entering URL, you will get J.s shortcode like this, read in details

adsense code

3: Paste in your <head/> Section

In this step, you have to put this code in your website head tag section. There are two ways to put this code in your website,

  1. With plugins
  2. With file manager in hosting

1: Plugins.

Very easy to use a plugin called INSERT HEADER AND FOOTER. This plugin will look like click here to find it

2: WIth file manager

In this step, you must have to access your hosting account. If you are working on your client website then you asked him or her to give access to his or her account.

After that, In your file manager folder, you will see the folder name index.php. You simply copy and paste this code in it and your work is finished.

Then move back to Adsense and click on the box and press the button done. Boom

After a few weeks of your site when approved you will start earning with AdSense account.

If you need more details then click here

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