The easiest way to get Adsense approved

Hello, I am addressing those young guys like me who are hope to get asdsense approval in quick and easiest way.

Don’t worry guys I’am not like other bloggers who write thousand of words which are not useful for you even you try to understand.

So, Without any delay, we are going to go through a shortcut way to get success. Stay with us just for 2 or 4 minutes.

I’m sure you will get 100% useful information from this blog. Here is some following steps you must be follow.

Domain Name:

In this step, My dear friend you must have domain with .com, .org , .net and .io. These domains structure might be helpful to get approval.

This is just because according to google ad-sense policies, Domain factor matter a lot for this purpose.

Website LMS (Learning management System)

LMS is key role because some LMS are not useful for maintains website or may be blacklisted by google.

So, your website must be created by using some famous LMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, and other platforms like this.

Responsive Design

A professional website design reflect a professionalism of you blog. Your website design must be accurate and simple.

You don’t need to buy highly cost theme or plugin. You just need to make your website look simple not more complex.

When a reader comes to your blog he notice everything in your website. In short, use just two colors one is white and other off-white

See full guide on design here

Content Nature(most important)

The basic of your blog website is CONTENT. It’s most important and play a key role in your website.

You must have your own content. Although, you don’t have vast experience in grammar and expert level English but writing a original content is the best way to approved.

Some people just copy other website’s content and upload their own website But they have to know adsense policies.

Google adsense dislike this manners. They have huge amount of employees that control this platform and they are aware of our freaky ways.

So friend I must say that don’t do this act. Your website will penalize after somedays and your all hard will go throw trash in a few second.

Need some more info click here

How much content need for approval?

This is the most asked question by every blogger on google. Of course it must be asked because you have to aware of this.

Some people just write few article of 1200 or 2000 word and go for adsense. But it’s not fare. You have to upload minimum 20 articles not blogs I repeat not blog!!!!

It means that your article must be unique and free of plagiarism. Article must be consist of 2k or more words.

It’s because google need some large amount of data in your website. So don’t be in hurry. Just write, write and write.

Google Adsense policies and terms of condition

In the google adsense homepage, you have to read their policies and terms of condition. It’s because you must be aware of the conditions that you never heard or read somewhere.

Here you can read their all policies and conditions

Daily traffic

Traffic for website is like a customer on shop. When some random guy visit your website through google, it make huge impact on your website.

More traffic more money

So, friends your website must have 30 or 40 visitors on your blog before you apply.


All information that I have, wrote above and I hope you will get enough information from this blog. I try my best to read your queries and answers them in your way.

If you have any queries about this section please don’s hesitate and contact me through comment section or via Gmail

Thank you.

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